Login Process

Login Process

To login you must first have an active account. Only Organization Administrators and Team Facilitators can create user accounts. User accounts are created by invitation to join the organization or team.

To login, click on the Login link located in the banner at the top of each page (see image below).

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Login link (highlighted)

When the login page displays, enter your Username and Password, the press the Login button. If you entered the proper credentials, and your account is active, you will be directed to your 'Home' page. If your credentials are not correct or your account is inactive, a message will appear. Correct any errors and try again.

Login Help

Help links are provided on the Login page to give assistance when you can not login. Email addresses are used for Usernames. A link is provided to reset your Password.

If you can not access your account and need assistance, contact your organization or Team Facilitator. You may also contact the Macro-Managing User Security.